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Patchy was born on October 3rd, 2015. She our keeper from our Abby x Crosscut litter. We love a lot of things about this pup...she is a great balance of both parents!! She has been easy to have around since she was a little puppy, house training was a piece of cake with her. She's a very smart girl and is eager to please, without treats (almost my favorite thing about a bulldog)!! She adores our 10 year old & our grandson, any other children as well:) She does get a tad over excited and jumpy when company comes, 
and she has no sense of boundaries or space...she will weasel her way on your lap!!

Bridge Creek Bulldogs
PH .45/.36, OFA Cardiac normal, ICH clear,  
​Sissy has been retired from breeding and lives with great friends of ours!!
She is a daughter of our Cartman x BGB's Stella, born July 20th, 2012. This girl has displayed a ton of confidence and an outstanding temperament ever since she came here as a puppy!! She has a great amount of drive outside, and she can turn it right off and be cool as a cucumber moments later inside, we love that about her:) Sissy is very well behaved around kids, she's very obedient and extremely smart. She is always willing 
and ready for whatever task you throw at her, thankfully she is not as stubborn as her Dad!! We love what she has produced for us!

Nelly was born on December 1st, 2015. She is one of our keepers from our Sissy x Crosscut litter. Oh Nelly, she used to be our wild and crazy pup:) Thankfully that has tamed down with age. Same as her sister Patchy, she is easy to take anyplace...very outgoing and really friendly!! She is great with kids and loves attention from anyone. However...if she approached in her space when we are not home, she is not as welcoming. We absolutely love the way this girl has matured...she has gone through 
a few weird growth spurts, but so far is balancing out.  


Hazel was born on June 1st, 2019.  
She is our keeper from our breeding with Beater and Nelly.  
Along with her mom, dad, aunt, grandma and grandpa...we can take her anyplace 
and she is tail wagging happy to meet people:) She is calm and well mannered in 
the house, outside she can act very clownish (we call it the Hazel zoomies)! 
We are extremely happy with the way she matured!!!

Emori, aka Emi, was born on July 10th, 2021.
She is our keeper from our breeding with Yager and Hazel. 
She is a great granddaughter to the late Cartman (one of our favorite dogs)!
At 12 months old; her structure, temperament and type are beyond our expectations.
More pictures and info coming soon...