Bridge Creek Bulldogs
When purchasing any puppy, I think it's nice to know more detailed information about your breeder. I thought a little more detailed info about us would be appropriate. 

Our family : Myself (Melissa), my husband Dan, and our 4 children 
(ages 12, 24, 26 & 30) and 3 grandsons (4 months 6 & 8).
When I met Dan it was quite evident he was a dog person! He has raised and trained coon hounds for over 30 years. I was drawn to how dedicated he was to his dogs and over the years I realized how much I enjoyed his hound dogs. After we built our house and got all settled in, I wanted our family to have a big durable dog, one that was loyal and extremely kid friendly. I started to research breeds and came across the American Bulldog...I swear it was love at first sight!! We have now been raising American Bulldogs for over 16 years. We were drawn to our first 2 AB's based on color and size, later learning there are more important things than how big and what color they are. We spent a weekend driving to Nebraska and Missouri to pick up our first 2 AB puppies.  After watching the 2 pups start to grow up together, we saw how different they were from one another and began paying closer attention to the breed standard. We learned a lot about the 2 types of American Bulldogs, standard and bully. And honestly, at that time we knew nothing about bulldog pedigrees either. We started talking with AB breeders and owners and I can't believe all the great people we met. It was an instant "addiction" for both of us!! We acquired a few more pups, and started to health test our dogs...deciding we wanted to become breeders of this wonderful breed. When we realized how extremely passionate we both were and that we basically would stop at nothing to be the best AB owners and breeders we could be, we added an addition onto our home to accommodate the dogs better (and us). It has been tweaked here and there to make things run more smoothly, and we still have some things we'd like changed or added. We started attending some Bulldog shows and tried to absorb as much as we could. Again, we met some great people at every show we went to!! We have had to spay/neuter dogs along the way based on what we felt wasn't representing the breed standard or dogs that exhibited health issues. Like anything else in life, you learn as you go and we have learned a lot! We have changed directions a few times, only to better our dogs and breeding program. Are we perfect...no. Do we still make mistakes...yes. Learning from our mistakes and being open minded is what has gotten us closer to our goals. Will there ever be a "perfect bulldog", we'd like to think so. But in my opinion everything can always be improved, but we will sure aim for perfection when it comes to our dogs!!

These 2 pups are what started Bulldoggin' for us!!