BEFORE buying a puppy, please make sure to read the ENTIRE guarantee below and make sure you don't have any questions or concerns. 

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        1. THE PUPPY

        Name:_____________________                 Breed: American Bulldog  

        Sex: Male Female                                  Date of Birth:__________________  

        Neutered/spayed: Yes No                      To be neutered/spayed Yes No

        Color:______________________                Markings:_____________________   

        Registry: NKC ABRA                               Registration: Full Limited None

        # (s) NKC__________________                  ABRA: ______________________  

        Reg. Form given to Buyer Yes No           If No why?: ___________________

        Sire: _______________________               Dam:________________________  

        2. THE SELLER

        Dan & Melissa Metz                               Phone: 715-286-2243 or 715-533-3259  

        XXXXXXXXXXXXX                                   email@bridgecreekbulldogs.com

        Augusta, WI 54722                                Website: www.bridgecreekbulldogs.com

        3. THE BUYER (S)   

        Name:                                                           Phone:

        Street:                                                           Phone 2:

        City:                                                         St:                           Zip:


        4. CO-OWNERSHIP

        There will / will not be a Co-ownership of the Puppy between the Buyer 
        and the Seller. The terms will be documented in Attachment C.


        Seller does/ does not retain breeding rights. 
        The terms will be documented in Attachment D.
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As a requirement of the Seller, the Buyer must take the Puppy to a licensed Vet for an exam within 5 days. We have a 12 month Health Guarantee on our pups purchased at full price, see page 3 for full details.
The Buyer understands that the Seller has limited control over future personality, habits and appearance of the Puppy and will not warrant such. We strongly suggest that a trainer, or training facility, be consulted to help the Buyer in the proper handling and obedience of the Puppy.
Buyer agrees to update Seller on the status of the Puppy and with photos at least once every 3 months for the first year and then twice a year thereafter. (photos can be sent via email, text or postal mail).


Puppy is to be kept as the Buyers family companion. Seller reserves the right to remove the Puppy from the care of the Buyer if the Puppy is being neglected or abused. The Puppy is not to be used for illegal purposes and Buyer shall maintain Puppy in accordance with all current and future State, County and Municipal laws where the Buyer resides. 
The Buyer shall provide the Puppy with necessary care upon sickness, disease or injury and shall take the Puppy to the Vet for regular check-ups and vaccinations. 
If the Puppy cannot be kept by the Buyer for any reason, the Buyer shall notify the Seller. If Buyer can no longer keep the Puppy/Dog, Seller agrees to either take back or help re-home the Puppy/Dog. We do not issue refunds for Pups/Dogs we agree to take back and/or re-home. 
This Puppy is NOT to be taken to any type of shelter, pound, rescue center or research facility. 


Buyer has agreed to purchase said Puppy for $__________. 
Seller has accepted a deposit of $__________ and agrees to hold Puppy only until release time (8 weeks of age). The deposit is non-refundable and will be subtracted from the purchase price. 
We reserve the right to deny any puppy at any time if we feel the particular home is not in the best interest of the puppy. Deposit will be refunded UNLESS the buyer was untruthful.  
Unless other arrangements have been made, shipping charges and the balance due must be paid in full by 7 weeks of age or the entire deposit will be forfeited. No checks will be accepted for final payment. 
If the deposit has been made on an unborn litter and the breeding didn’t take or there are not enough puppies born in the litter to accommodate, the deposit is transferred to another litter. Puppy Picks will be made by order of deposits at 6-8 weeks of age. 
Buyer and Seller have both agreed the Puppy will be 
    picked up by the buyer shipped
Shipping agreement will be documented in Attachment B.

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We guarantee that your Puppy is in good physical health & is free of any communicable disease on the date of pick up or delivery. Provided that all the conditions are met and kept by the Buyer, we offer a replacement guarantee on our puppies purchased at full price (up to 12 months of age) if the puppy develops any congenital or heredity defects (must be evident that environment and diet are not the cause). Puppy will be up to date on vaccinations and have been dewormed (a health record will be provided). We require an examination of your Puppy by a licensed vet (of your choice) within 5 days of receiving the Puppy. A copy of the results is to be sent us. The veterinary examination is mandatory to confirm that the Puppy was not sick or injured at the time of pick up, shipping or delivery. Buyer agrees to provide necessary Veterinary care upon sickness, injury or disease and maintain regular checks ups and vaccinations. If the Puppy should develop any congenital or heredity defects, it will be replaced with a puppy of the same sex and value as soon as one is available. The original Puppy is to be returned to Bridge Creek Bulldogs along with a copy of ALL veterinary records, or at our discretion, if the Buyer chooses to keep the original Puppy and it is to be spayed/neutered.  
ALL veterinary records, registration papers and a spay/neuter certificate (if applicable), is to be sent to Bridge Creek Bulldogs immediately. Before replacing a puppy/dog for hip dysplasia, an OFA or Penn Hip report is required. The Buyer is responsible for all medical costs of the Puppy and for the pickup or shipping cost of the replacement puppy. In the event of death, a licensed vet must perform an autopsy to determine the exact cause and the report is to be sent to us and then reviewed by our Veterinarian. 
If the Puppy cannot be kept by the buyer, for any reason, the Buyer shall notify us immediately. We agree to either take back or help re-home the Puppy/Dog for any reason for the life of the Puppy. We do not issue refunds for Pups/Dogs we agree to take back and/or re-home. This Health Guarantee is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser of the puppy. We do not guarantee coats, color, size, ear set, tail set or personality. Buyer understands that we have limited control over future habits of the Puppy and do not warrant such. We suggest lots of socialization and obedience classes for your puppy. NO breeding is permitted during the term of this guarantee. 
We are very selective with the dogs used in our breeding program and our main goals when breeding is to produce Puppies with sound Health, Temperament & Structure. However, due to complex genetic interactions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that a Puppy purchased from us will not develop any hereditary or genetic disorders, that is why we have a Health Guarantee. This is a replacement guarantee only, no cash refunds. We do our very best to help and support owners for the life of their puppy.

Seller Signature & Date:_______________________________________

Buyer Signature & Date:______________________________________