Bridge Creek Bulldogs reserves the right to deny any puppy at any time if we feel the particular home is not in the best interest of the puppy. We will make sure our puppies are placed in excellent homes with responsible owners who can afford the proper care for their new puppy. We have a puppy nanny who can deliver puppies @ 8 weeks of age to most major airports, puppy will travel in cabin. Delivery fee varies and is an additional cost to the buyer and both the puppy and delivery fee must be paid in full before the delivery date. Buyers can also pick-up their puppy or arrange ground transport if they prefer. 
Puppies are reserved by order of deposits, however, we reserve the right to hold back first picks from any litter. Deposits can be sent via Venmo,  Paypal (sent as family and friends only), or Check (checks will not be accepted for final payment). If puppies are paid in full, we have no problems holding a puppy past 8 weeks of age, at our discretion. If buyer is unable to pay for their puppy (in full) by 8 weeks of age, we reserve the right to place their puppy in another home, and NO REFUND will be given for their deposit. At our discretion, all or some of the deposit may or may not be transferred to another puppy or litter. Deposits are non-refundable. If the breeding was not successful or there aren't enough puppies to accommodate, the deposit is transferred to another breeding. All our puppies will be registered with NKC with full registration, be dewormed & up to date on vaccinations before leaving for their new home 
(a health record will be provided). 
We will do our best to help, support and keep in touch with 
new owners for the life of their puppy. 

Please read our entire Health Guarantee and Contract 
and contact us with any questions or concerns. 

  715-286-2243 or 715-533-3259
Check back for upcoming breedings!!