Heaven's Haven Splash
CH Heaven's Haven 
Prince Mufassa
CH KMK's King Mufassa
Maplegrove's Miss Bully

Barbosa's Bossman 
of Maplegrove
Kill Red
of Heaven's Haven
Baysides Hot Totty 2
Daileys King Caleb
Bayside's Boss 
of Butch cassidy  

Manstopper's Chico
Butch Cassidy's JR CH Queen Mombassa
CH. Butch Cassidy's Funky Punkie 
Manstopper's Chico
Dailey's Venus Mantrap
CH Dailey's Mustang Pete
Ostergaard's Aya
Butch Cassidy's Cartman 
of Bridge Creek

 Heaven's Haven 
Boss Lady of Midwest
CH. KMK's King Mufassa
Midwest's Abby 
of Bridge Creek AB's

Manstopper's Heina
Ironman Tyson of MGK
Johnson's Incredi-Bull Hannah
Manstopper's Rufus of Barbosa
Manstopper's Beamer
Ostergaard's Xi Mae
CH Ostergaard's Ramstein
Dailey's King Caleb
Ostergaard's Katja Kean
CH Ostergaard's CrossCut
of Masterbully